Monday, June 15, 2009

Game Director Description

Descriptions of a game director:
  • Spontaneous ideas led to action (prototyping), not discussion
  • He trusted his team to come through; didn’t micro or over manage
  • No such thing as “impossible”; he expected his team member’s to at least try to prototype
  • He carried a singular vision
  • Encouraged team member’s to find better solutions not by overly criticizing, but by presenting alternative solutions
  • He recognized it took a team of specialists to see his vision through fruition; he knew he couldn’t do it by himself
  • If one of his team member’s had an issue that affected his productivity and efficiency, he made sure to rectify that problem as quickly as possible so the team member could continue to create
  • The layout of the space was iterated on 100+ times before the final layout was achieved
  • He brought out the supreme best in his team members; better is the enemy of amazing
  • Overall, his team trusted his decisions and direction
  • Curiosity was his driving force
  • Supremely optimistic
  • He would recognize team members hidden talents before they even knew of them
  • He was fascinated with every aspect of development and wanted (and did) learn many different elements in order to assist team members directly
  • Knew exactly what he wanted
  • Infectious enthusiasm
These are just some of the daily philosophies and attributes that described...Walt Disney. It's not a stretch to think Walt Disney himself could have been an amazing video game designer. You could read more about this here.